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Dumfries Cornets Club

Dumfries Cornets Club was formed on March 13th 1935. The objectives of the club are:-

To ensure the continuance of the Riding of the Marches and the Guid Nychburris Festival. To preserve the traditional characteristics of the Royal Burgh of Dumfries. To encourage youth welfare and good citizenship. To enhance the appearance and improve the amenities of the town. To obtain and administer funds for the above purposes.

These objectives to be achieved by:-

Maintaining the co-operation of the Dumfries & Galloway Council and all local associations. Preserving the ancient buildings and records of the town and encouraging the exposition of its history, particularly to the young. Encouraging horse riding and other sports amongst the young people, the production of drama, music and pageantry. Encouraging the improvement of parks, playing fields, river banks and surroundings.

All of the above to be achieved by any method deemed suitable.

People become ordinary members of the Cornets Club when they take on the role of Cornet, Lass or Lynors. Honorary members are those who have distinguished themselves in Public life or who have rendered notable service to the Club or Guid Nychburris but will have no voting power. Office bearers consist of: President, Vice President, Cornet and Lass for the year, Secretary and Treasurer. The office bearers and six elective members form the committee of the Club - Six = a quorum, two office bearers and four members.

The committee fixes times and places of their meetings and meet as often as they find necessary.

Cornets Club events for 2011 are as follows:-

Friday May 6th . Cornets Dinner- details to be confirmed

Sunday June 12th. Kirkin` of the Cornet at St Michaels Church at 11.00 AM and Songs of Praise in the evening at a venue to be announced.   Family Picnic at David Keswick Centre

Monday June 13th. Installation of Principals at the Midsteeple at 7.30 PM.

Tuesday June 14th. Cornet and Lass Party 

Wednesday June 15th. Cornets Ball at the Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries.

Thursday June 16th. Cornets Supper at Dumfries Rugby Club 9.30pm til late. Tickets available from principals and on sale at rideouts.