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Former Principals

We have introduced this page as a permanent pictorial reminder of Principals who have served in past years, with the most recent years first. Scroll down to view images from previous years. If you have any images of past Cornet, Lass or Queen of the South taken during their big week, please e.mail it to or our page.


2013 Queen of the South, Rebecca Irving, Cornet Bruce Blower and Cornets Lass Cassie Cooney 

2012 Queen of the South, Shannon Clifford, Cornet, Grant Anderson, Cornets Lass Katie Muirhead


 2011 Queen of the South, Dena Shortall, Cornet, Scott Cowan and Cornets Lass Lesley Thomson


2010 Queen of the South, Abbey King, Cornet Russel Blower and Cornets Lass Jacqueline Copland


2009. Queen of the South, Beth Mercer, Cornet, Donald Stewart and Cornets Lass, Lauren Patterson.


2008. Queen of the South, Abbey Kerr, Cornet, Ross Johnstone and Cornets Lass, Melissa Houliston  


2007. Queen of the South, Meghan McGill, Cornet, Ross Anderson and Cornets Lass, Joanne Thomson.


2006. Queen of the South, Natalie Stitt, Cornet, Scott Robson and Cornets Lass, Kirstie Scrimgeour. 


 2005. Queen of the South, Kristy O`Toole, Cornet, Cameron Currie and Cornets Lass, Francis McKerrow.