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21st June

To see all the most up to date pictures from the Guid Nychburris festival and ride outs please see where you can purchase images for an extremely low fee!

***Introductory dance SOLD OUT*** no entry without tickets...there will be no exceptions***


The committee -

President- Ted Tompson

Chairman- Bob Kennedy

Vice Chairman- Alan Moffat

Joint Secretaries-

Treasurer/Financical Convenor - Kirsty Johnstone

Ceremonial Convenor - Helen Scott

Entertainments Convenor - John Caskie

Parade Convenor - Jim Doig

PR- John Caskie

We also have sub groups as follows:

Entertainments- Jacqueline Copland, Donna McCrone, John Geddes Colin McCrone

Ceremonial - Kenny McCall, Anne Radley, Helen Scott, Maureen McKerrow, Pam Davers, Alan Moffat, Michelle Palmer

Parade- Robert Copland

Director Of Riding- Andy Bell




PLUS further general committee members!   There is always room for more people to be involved so please contact any committee member and come along to show your support!