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The Charter

The Charter Granting Dumfries Royal Burgh Status as read by the Town Clerk.

`Robert, By the grace of God, King of Scots, unto all trusty men of this whole Realm, Clergy and Laity, greeting:-

Know, that we have granted to the Provost, Baillies, Burgesses and the community of Dumfries our said Burgh, to be held by them and their successors, of us and our heirs, in fee and heritage for ever; with all and every, the liberties and priveleges, easements and just pertinents whatsoever, appertaining to the said Burgh, or which may afterwards, in any way, rightly belong to it;

together with our ferems and annual rents in the same Burgh, with its customs, tolls, courts and issues of courts, revenues and the demesne lands of the said Burgh; as also the mills and multures and their pertinents; together with fishings in the water of the Nith belonging to us, excepting only the fishing granted by our Royal predecessors, for the love of God, to the Minorite Friars of the same place; and with all other priveleges, both without and within the said Burgh which our said Burgesses and Communities have at any time formerly held or possessed in our reign or that of our Royal ancestors in Scotland;

and that as freely, quietly, fully, wholly and honourably well and in peace as any Burgh within our Realm of Scotland is held or possessed of us freely and peacably by all its old and righteous boundaries and marches; upon condition that the said Provost, Bailies, Burgesses and Community for the time, and their successors for ever, shall pay into our exchequer Twenty Pounds of the usual money of our realm yearly, in equal shares at Whitsunday and Martinmus.

In testimony whereof, we have caused our Seal to be affixed to this Charter before these witnesses:- The Venerable Father In Christ, Walter, Bishop of St. Andrew's; Matthew, Bishop of Glasgow; Robert Earl of Fife and Menteith; our most beloved brother, Archibald, Earl of Douglas, Lord of Galloway; James De Douglas, Lord of Dalkeith, Thomas De Erskyn, our trusty cousins and Knights; and Alexander De Cockburn, of Langtoun, Keeper of our great Seal. At Glasgow, the 28th day of April, Year of grace one thousand three hundred and ninety five years, and the six year of our Reign.