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The Charter Ceremony

The Marches have been secured the Cornet and the Pursuivant reach the Midsteeple where the Cornet presents the Pursuivant to the Provost in the following words:

Cornet: "Sir I present to you the Pursuivant who brings with him a Charter from our Sovereign Lord to this Burgh of Dumfries, in order that the said Charter may be placed in you hands and seisin given for behoof of the Provost, Bailies and the whole community of this Burgh forever of the lands we have ridden this day and stobbed and nogged"

The Charter bearer, accompanied by a Lynor, advances and hands the Charter to the Pursuivant who presents it to the provost.

Pursuivant: "Provost of Dumfries, by command of our Sovereign Lord, I bring to you this Charter in favour of the Provost, Bailies and the whole community of this the Kings good town of Dumfries, and I desire you to have it proclaimed to the Burgesses here assembled."

Provost: "From the Provost, Bailies and the whole community of Dumfries, I give our humble duty to our Sovereign Lord and accept his gracious Charter, and pledge we will faithfully keep watch and ward to preserve the whole rights and immunities conferred upon us, and that every one of us will do his or her duty as Burgesses of this Royal Burgh, and I now request the Town Clerk to proclaim this Charter to the assembled Burgesses."

The Town Clerk reads the Charter and the Chaplin calls the people to prayer.
The Box and Flagon bearer now advances to the Pursuivant.

Pursuivant: "Provost, as the Kings Procurator, I give you earth and stone of this town and water from its streams, and therby give to the Provost, Bailies and the whole community heritable states and seisin, real and corporeal possession of this Burgh, and of all rights pertaining thereto."

Provost: "I accept this seisin by symbol of earth, stone and water from you hands."

The Seal bearer now hands the Seal to the Pursuivant.

Pursuivant: "I now give to you this Seal to be used by the Burgh as its Common Seal"

Provost: "I accept this Seal to be the Common Seal of our Burgh."

The Flag bearer now hands the Flag to the Pursuivant.

Pursuivant: "I further, by favour of my Sovereign Lord, give to you this Flag to be used as the Common Flag of the Burgh for all time."

Provost: "I accept this Flag to be used as the Common Flag of this Burgh forever. I thank you Sir Pusrsuivant, on behalf of myself, the Magistrates, the Council of Dumfries and whole Community for these favours received at the hand of our Sovereign Lord the King, and I charge you to convey to him our gratitude."

The Provost now hands the Flag over to the Cornet.

Provost: "To you our Cornet, duly appointed and accredited, I give this Flag for its safe keeping, and charge you to preserve and defend it if need be to the extreme issue of death."

Cornet: "Provost, Magistrates, Councilors and Burgesse of Dumfries, I herewith accept the high honour and charge of safe keeping this Flag, and solemnly swear to keep it unsullied and in fair fame if need be to death."

The Crowning of the Queen of the South now follows. The ceremony is mainly visual and always appeals to the spectators.

The Midsteeple ceremony closes with the laureation of the Burgh Flag by the Queen of the South.