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The Guid Nychburris Festival Association

2012 saw the 80th anniversary of Guid Nychburris. Apart from necessary breaks, particularly during the war years, the tradition of celebrating Dumfries`s elevation to the status of Royal Burgh, has taken place every year since 1932. The programme of celebratory events, which aim to involve everyone from the Dumfries area, always culminates with Guid Nychburris Day on the third Saturday of June.

Behind the scenes, the Guid Nychburris Executive Committee meet on a monthly basis throughout the year, to ensure that a full programme of events takes place. The Annual General Meeting of the Association usually takes place in October and it is here in particular that anyone who feels they may be able to contribute something to Guid Nychburris, is openly welcomed. If you feel that this may be of interest to you, please make yourself known to any member of the committee.

The Guid Nychburris Committee is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers who have only one interest in common - to ensure Guid Nychburris`s continuance well into the future.

People from all walks of life make up the committee and all of them add something special to Guid Nychburris. This may be a particular skill, talent or organisational ability but each individual joins because they are willing to assist in some large or small way in this important annual event.

Dumfries Police and the Council can be considered as instrumental in ensuring each of the events takes place without a hitch and the Guid Nychburris Committee certainly appreciate that without their assistance, Guid Nychburris would struggle to function.

The Dumfries Cornets Club also has a large role to play in the celebrations and indeed with Rideouts commencing long before Guid Nychburris Week, every Horseman or Horsewoman has ample opportunity to get into the Guid Nychburris spirit, long before Guid Nychburris Day.

Some of the Principal Characters of Guid Nychburris are elected by the Cornets Club and all those fortunate enough to be selected, carry this honour proudly as they a perform the many tasks expected of them, as dictated by tradition and history. Behind the scenes, visits to schools, hospitals and old folks homes in the Burgh during Guid Nychburris week, are just a few of the items on their busy itinerary. The Cornet and his party are always a colourful (and sometimes noisy) addition to Guid Nychburris events, particularly when they are on horseback.